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A Dirty Girl is a little more hardcore or skanky than a Naughty Girl
Example, a Naughty Girl will do all the freaky sex things you like to do with you, but a Dirty Girl will do them with anyone.
by Monti April 27, 2006

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slang for "penis"
suck my wang-a-tang.
by Monti May 28, 2003

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Along the lines of "say what?"
or, "what's that, what's that?" Usually given as a response when someone says something stupid or is having difficulty expressing an idea.
Joe: "maybe we should go to the...or if you guys wanna..we could...."

Steve: "wusa wusa? C'mon Joe, spit it out!"
by Monti April 04, 2004

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1) An expression of delight.
2) rhymes with poon-tang
Wop-a-dang, that's some sweet poon-tang!
by Monti May 28, 2003

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