(verb) to forget the words to one's own song while performing it

origin: from English singer-songwriter Will Varley's penchant for doing so during his shows; popularised by fans of Varley and Frank Turner
alternate version: Will Varley sometimes refers to the practice as "Turner-ed it" or "Turner-ed it" as a "clapback" to his friend Turner
*Note: Starting during the Frank Turner livestreams during the 2020 pandemic, fans decided that those participating in the livestream drinking game had to take a drink each time either artist forgot his own lyrics.
Frank Varley 'd the lyrics to "Photosynthesis" again! Everyone take a drink!
by Anita Kill December 28, 2021
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The fucking gent that all the girls want to suck off and fuck non-stop
Girl 1 - I fucked Varley
Girl 2- No fair I wanted to suck his dick but he said no! cries
by Incognito Wolf May 8, 2017
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An amazing gent, yet also a chronic masturbator. His name signifies greatness and power. Nobody messes with Varley, not even Varley messes with Varley. If you have a Varley in your life you don't want to loose him.
Guy 1: Have you met Varley
Guy 2: Of course! Who hasn't met Varley? That guy is a legend!
by TheBritishBritOfIdioms August 18, 2014
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Aycliffes most middle class man. Too posh for Carmel so he’s fucking off to barney or yarm for 6th form.
Hello young sir I am Will Varley and my dads an orthopaedic surgeon
by PedoPeter December 6, 2018
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A freak of nature weirdo kid who likes to reside in the famous Varley Cafe often likened to a jungle. These students will sit on one another and pretend to be cats, or some will say, they identify as such creatures.

For example,
*student with cat ears, lip piercings and bright blue hair playing dungeons and dragons*
‘That kid is so Varley’
For example,
*student with cat ears, lip piercings and bright blue hair playing dungeons and dragons*
‘That kid is so Varley

‘Fucking hell look at that Varley Kid
by InNeedOrangeJuice November 25, 2018
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Varleys Law of User Satisfaction simply states that the level of approbation you will receive for any IT work that you undertake is inversely proportional to the level of effort you put into it.
If you spend months working on a complex project and iron out all bugs - you'll get no more than a pat on the back.
On the other hand, knock a quick one off using a simple script and users will bow down before your awesomeness.
Roger had spent half his life perfecting the program and it was now complete, despite the breakup of two marriages, recurring alcoholism, a serious bout of OCD relating to the backslash key and a pathalogical fear of daylight but typical of Varley's Law, all his boss wanted to talk about was how cool the version of Minesweeper that Roger had made in Excel on his lunchbreak was.
by grom March 2, 2009
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An extremely hot guy but can be annoying sometimes but is a really good some kids may hate him but that’s because they don’t fully know what he’s capable of he is a really funny but hurt him he will make sure to hurt back.
by Spanish Kalamazoo January 27, 2022
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