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(verb) to forget the words to one's own song while performing it

origin: from English singer-songwriter Will Varley's penchant for doing so during his shows; popularised by fans of Varley and Frank Turner
alternate version: Will Varley sometimes refers to the practice as "Turner-ed it" or "Turner-ed it" as a "clapback" to his friend Turner
*Note: Starting during the Frank Turner livestreams during the 2020 pandemic, fans decided that those participating in the livestream drinking game had to take a drink each time either artist forgot his own lyrics.
Frank Varley 'd the lyrics to "Photosynthesis" again! Everyone take a drink!
by Anita Kill December 28, 2020
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An amazing gent, yet also a chronic masturbator. His name signifies greatness and power. Nobody messes with Varley, not even Varley messes with Varley. If you have a Varley in your life you don't want to loose him.
Guy 1: Have you met Varley
Guy 2: Of course! Who hasn't met Varley? That guy is a legend!
by TheBritishBritOfIdioms August 18, 2014
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The fucking gent that all the girls want to suck off and fuck non-stop
Girl 1 - I fucked Varley
Girl 2- No fair I wanted to suck his dick but he said no! cries
by Incognito Wolf May 07, 2017
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