42nd Street in New York City (the southernmost part of Times Square). Back in the day, a center of total depravity, especially between 8th and 9th Avenue, but currently Disneyfied.
'Man, I need to score, I'm gonna hit the Deuce.'
by anarcissie January 10, 2012
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1. 42nd St, Forty Deuce (42), or just the deuce meaning two.
2. The Devil.
3. An oustanding example, especially of something difficult or bad.
At the peak of the most infamous period in its history during the 1970s 42nd St (as well as the number two train which ran directly beneath Times Square) was referred to as 'The Deuce' or The Beast by police and criminals alike, notorious for its crime.
by Stephen Britt August 2, 2006
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The ghetto.

I'm not sure how this slang came to be, but that's what it means.
"Strikin' through the deuce with a forty in my mouth"
-Brotha Lynch Hung (song- 24 Deep)

"Now I'm livin' up in the deuce and I can still get shot"
(same song)
by Jaynik March 15, 2008
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A fleet of double decker buses operated by the the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC)that services the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas and surrounding areas. These are double decker buses transport both locals and tourists up to 97 people at a time, easing the congestion on Las Vegas Blvd.
"forget paying for a taxi, lets just take The Deuce to the Palms"
by Bob V. March 28, 2008
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Weight of 200 lbs.
Usually in reference to fat people, particularly women.
How much do you weigh baby, about 150?
Nah? 170?
Nuh uh? 190?
No? Holy shit bitch, don't tell me you're bustin the deuce!
by pimpology 1 and 2 September 5, 2003
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A gun that uses .22 caliber ammunition.
"I got the deuce deuce in the trunk of my car..."
-Sublime (Garden Grove)
by Brad Nowell lives July 14, 2004
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A .22 Caliber pistol.
or 22 inch rims
The boy JD was a friend of mine. till i caught im in my car tryna steal a alpine. I chased him up the street to call a truse. The silly mothafucka pulls out a deuce deuce, little did he know I had a loaded 12 gauge. One sucka dead L.A times Front page--Eazy E; boyz in the hood
by ase53123 February 7, 2008
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