Simply: Milwaukee's Best Beer;
A futuristic, time-warping beer characterized by tasting as if it were already the next morning after a night of binge beer drinking and sleeping with your mouth wide open all the night long. Also discernable as being very affordable to unemployed high school students on $10.00 a week allowances in the 1980's. Certainly a play on the beer's monikor of 'Best'.
Me: What are we drink'n?
Mike: The BEEAAST!
--Mike K. and I, New Orleans, late 1980's
by Heurisko December 5, 2004
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The name given to the POTUS's limousine, which is bullet-and-bomb proof, and weighs nearly 20,00 lbs.!
The Beast is said to be more a fortfied amored truck than a car!
by talk2me-JCH2 January 20, 2021
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The greatest burger on the planet, created by Soul Cartel Canberra
The Beast burger is the best burger I've ever eaten
by SullyGSXR October 31, 2020
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A term used to describe an old beat up car that is way past its prime.
There goes "The Beast" chugging down the road.
by James1745 June 30, 2010
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A rather scary character. Usually a father, who screams and swears and abuses everyone.
I'm not going to Keir's house, his dad is the beast.
by Lenwooo October 26, 2013
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Dude, don't be drinking The Beast, get some quality shit please.
by S1r Hax September 24, 2003
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An insane man that you can usually find in your high school. This man's powers will usually remain dormant until he drinks hydrogen peroxide. From there his powers will unleash and come into full effect! His name will become legend all around school, his powers only increase as time goes on! He will become so powerful that he will attract followers from all around. This man has been known to grant some of his powers to worthy individuals but not often! The beast is all, the beast is one!
"hey, have you seen The Beast lately?"
"I am one with The Beast"
"Do you know our lord and savior, The Beast?"
"May The Beast's powers be with you!"
by vimb April 25, 2019
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