noun: a city in orange county, california. nothing exciting goes on in garden grove, and life in it is dull. for some reason, asians find the city very attractive and have unfortunately over-populated it. sublime's song 'garden grove' on their self-titled LP is about the same city.
"we took this trip to garden grove."

chris: "ugh, it smells like fried cat and wasabi squash."
taylor: "we must be in garden grove."
by the storm drains May 16, 2009
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Best song by the best band.


on the sumlime lp
we took this trip to garden grove...
smell like lou's dog inside the van
Oh yeah
This ain't no fucky reggae party
5 dollas at the door, it gets so real sometimes
by Maggie Loves Jon May 01, 2004
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n.) the symptoms of those living in the city of Garden Grove, California. Symptoms may vary, and the word cannot be properly and definitely defined, but nonetheless, there is something there.
You must be from Garden Grove. Garden Grove Syndrome; it's a thing.
by Doctor Diagnostics May 11, 2011
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