10 definitions by Badwick Tsuraide

Version of "The Ass" as a curse,
used like "Damnit"
asu da, why would you do that?
by Badwick Tsuraide July 22, 2006
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Hospital code for a fire,
used instead of announcing fire
so patients don't panic

(Dr. Blaze to the east wing means
there is a fire in the east wing)
Dr. Blaze to the ER;
Dr. Blaze to the east wing
by Badwick Tsuraide July 21, 2006
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Be back on later,

similiar to brb or g2g,
as it signifies leaving,
as by signing off,
but promises a later return
in the same day

bbol > brb
bbol < g2g
>g2g, bbol
>be back on later, n00b
>stfu, j00 R a n00b
>Wtf is that? j00? R a? You're such a nerd!!
>Nah, stfu
>anyways, bbol
by Badwick Tsuraide August 12, 2006
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(Pronounced Skate-Mo)

A skater that goes emo,
but can't give up skateboarding
Fred said "Was that an emo on a skateboard?"
Jack said "No, it was some skatemo dude"
by Badwick Tsuraide May 9, 2006
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To be like an emo,
only not totally emo yet
-"That dude's not emo"
-"Yeah, he is"
-"No, he's emish"
by Badwick Tsuraide May 9, 2006
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Short for "I don't judge"
used when someone asks you if something bugs you
or freaks you out
>Dude, she smokes, doesn't that turn you off?
by Badwick Tsuraide July 25, 2006
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The best topping combo for Pizza, as seen by Crazy Eyes
"peanut butter and gumballs, good combo"
by Badwick Tsuraide July 20, 2006
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