A game that often draws those with active imaginations, whether they be geeks, as many seem to refer to them as, or just people who think it is fun. Involves dice, a mind that can process more than how to breath, and imagination.
The stereotype falls everyday. Only the ignorant follow it.
by Grendel September 29, 2003
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1. A role-playing game utilizing paper, pencils (or pens), multi-faceted plastic objects (see: dice, die) and books (see: literacy). Played, despite stereotypes, by members of virtually all demographics (see: big words). Players and game alike are vilified by those with small minds and, generally, smaller vocabularies.

2. An enjoyable hobby, but a sure way to get NO ass at a party. Alas.
Remember, when you and a halfling are running away from a hungry dragon, you don;t have to outrun the dragon....just the halfling.
by Gavin October 2, 2003
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D \/ D is l33t sp34k3 for PIMP. A pimp is a guy that gets alot of pussy, or a lesbian that gets alot of pussy. A PIMP also whores out chicks to guys that need licks on their dicks.
That sly motha fucka is such a fuckin D \/ D he is all up in the poontang.
by Josh Bessler June 21, 2005
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Dungeons and dragons, popular non-computer based roll playing game stereotypically played by nerds. An mmorpg(massively multi-player online role playing game) also exists.
Hey man, the renaisance club and I are playing D and D at Nilknarf's.
by Leoj April 6, 2006
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pimpin, or pimping are what this means. this is just a cool way to type this phrase.
dammmm, that's D \/ D \ !
by []D //=\\ []3 []_ 0 July 22, 2006
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like D \/ D, but poop.
I need to D()()D in the toilet
by Can of Worms November 5, 2006
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