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Ocala Florida's largest music venue located on the downtown square. Many bands from hardcore to emo genre's showcase there. Most of the time the prices are unreasonable. Many stupid slutty scene bitches go there and smoke cigarettes outside after they leave inside because they charge a re-entry fee of $2.00.

They also offer a once weekly bible study in the evening.
Joe: "Hey man, are you going to The Capitol tonight?"
Kevin: "I'm broke, I don't think I can."
Joe: "Yeah, the prices are kinda high, especially with that re-entry fee."
Kevin: "The Crapitol is lookin' to reem kids of their money in Ocala!"

Joe: "Are you going to The Capitol tonight? AYFAD is playing!"
Steve: "Really? Heck yeah I'm going!"
Joe: "Yeah that'll be sweet! There's always someone there with a Digital SLR taking pictures."
Steve: "Yeah maybe I can get in some pictures, I see that red head kid there with his Nikon D200, Speedlite, and a Tokina fisheye lens."
by th@t0nek1d July 27, 2008
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