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A state of mind or being that results upon return to the real world after a vacation. Characterized by irritability, fatigue and a snappish attitude toward those in close proximity. Can lead to random emotional outbursts and complete irrationality. Fortunately does not last long in most cases.
Spouse: Hey, how was your vacation? Could you pass the salt?

You: Can't you see I am trying to do homework? I have so much to get done and it is all due tomorrow! I can't believe you are so selfish! Get the salt yourself!

Spouse: It's ok, I know you are probably just experiencing re-entry.

You: This is not re-entry! You have no idea what you are talking about! I am fine! (Burst into tears and/or storm out)


You: (Return) Sorry, just a little overwhelmed by the real world.
by napstack October 07, 2009
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