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history with someone's dick. normally happening between a boy and girl.
Ex 1:
"Oh man, Bob's lookin gooddddd today!"
"Bob? The one that has jizztory with Sue?"
"Ew. Grimey. Yeah, that one."

Ex 2:
"Fool, im about to hook up with Mary tonight at the party. This shit's gonna go down in the jizztory books"

by ChelseaaaaBeeeee February 29, 2008
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(n) One's complete sexual history including the intimate details that no one really wants to hear.
"Wanna hear my jizztory? well, it all started when i was 7 and i used to flick the head of my wiener."....."no, i'm not talking about a hot dog"
by Bitchface1234 November 03, 2009
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