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Best comic ever.
by Deez Nutz August 02, 2003

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Basically The Citadel is like a prison. You can get a degree, get fucked up the ass by the administration, the barbwire is facing in, and they lock us in at night. It is a pretty small campus where the hardest people come to get an education. If you want the hardest experience of a military college you will go to the citadel. if you are a girl you will get many double standards, and will not get kicked out as easy as guys would. The only difference we have from a prison is that we can go out on the weekends and on wednesday nights, there are women here-due to a federal court decision and brigadier general mace's daughter wanted to go here, and we pay for the treatment that we get. this is not punishment, it is an education.
We can kick all other acadamies asses at so many things. come down and give it a try sometime. if you do not go to the citadel you are a pansy. Sigma Chuck.
by deez nutz April 26, 2005

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Its America's Game!!! The one and only POWERBALL!! (Sung by Blind man Ray Charles)
I got ripped off. I paid $20 on my Powerball ticket and some already rich guy in Ohio won. Fuck.
by Deez Nutz December 28, 2003

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The juiciest cut of man-meat
Want some duck meat? Then duck down and try some.
by Deez Nutz March 14, 2003

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to fuck a girl in the ass, and right as you're about to cum, you punch her in the back of the head so she tenses up.
The best orgasm I ever had was knocking out the donkey.
by Deez Nutz May 30, 2004

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A chain reaction between two people who are a long distance from eachother; usually in a loop. Whatever happens to one happens to another.
Ex. 1: Whoa we both logged in at the same time, it must be the twin effect!

Ex. 2: Twin effect strikes again!
by Deez Nutz January 09, 2005

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crack cociane
I gotta get some more cream and bubble up.
by deez nutz May 03, 2003

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