When you are fucking a girl from behind and you tap on her throat when she is moaning making her sound like a siren.

by Steve Shep March 28, 2008
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Charlie Chaplin is often considered the greatest filmmaker of all-time. While that may remain debatable, it is too clear that he is one of, if not the number one film comedian of all time. His best known and most performed character is the “little tramp.” Famous for his signature appearance, specifically the over-sized pants, undersized jacket and that classic mustache, the tramp typically deals with angry policemen, vicious criminals, bumbling drunks, and always those pretty girls. Chaplin’s approach to filmmaking developed over time to eventually include his views on issues including class distinction and extreme poverty. He even took on Adolf Hitler in his 1940 classic, The Great Dictator, in which he portrayed Hynkel the dictator of Tomainia, and a Jewish Barber. Chaplin’s views found in his films, including a critique of the U.S immigration system, were deemed “Un-American”, and he was barred re-entry into the United States upon returning from Europe. Fortunately, he was finally recognized with distinction at the Academy Awards in 1972 for "the incalculable effect he has had in making motion pictures the art form of this century".
Man #1: My son is a great filmmaker! I say he's the next Charlie Chaplin!

Man #2: Shut the fuck up.

Man #1: What? It's true!

Man #2: Your ignorance astounds me. Again, shut the fuck up.
by MackSennett July 28, 2011
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One of the greatest old black and white movie stars that is still funny to whatch even though its er black and white. Charlie Chaplin was also the first man to make the first comedy of war. Also some of the movies you might of heard of was The great Dictator
Modern Times
The Gold Rush
Whoa I haven't seen a Charlie Chaplin movie in ages!
by Charlie Chaplin October 29, 2005
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The walking motion used when one sharts themselves. The buttcheeks are squeezed closer to each other to prevent further underwear contamination breaches and the walking style resembles that of the film legend charlie chaplin.
Dude, don't eat the roadt beef, it have me the shits. I ended up sharting myself and had to charlie chaplin it home and change my underwear.
by GrouchoMarxx July 02, 2015
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While eating a hairy girl out you simultaneously wiggle your hat whilst ramming a cane up her back door.
by jessicaprincess December 29, 2013
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When your having sex, and neither one of you makes any sound.
Dude I was banging this chick and her parents were home so we had to charlie chaplin
by Got Eeeem June 25, 2015
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A Charlie Chaplin is when you are having sex with a girl (or guy) and poop on his/her chest, then you smear a little bit of the poop on their upper lip, giving them a Charlie Chaplin mustache. They then proceed to swallow the poop, and then throw the poop back up into your mouth. You then use the regurgitated shit as lube for the rest of the intercourse.
"Bro, Jenkins gave that horse faced bitch Sherri a mad Charlie Chaplin last night!"

"I heard that Montgomery and Tex are very fond of the Charlie Chaplin in their sex life"
by Justin Burchette May 02, 2008
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