When a girl drinks a beer holds it in her mouth and sucks your cock.
Oh man, Collin just got his dick "Brewed".
Oh man my girl friend just gave me The Brewery.
by C0ll1n_5. September 11, 2011
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An adjective to describe ones house he is throwing an alcohol feuled party/shindig.
Dude1:"will there be much Beer?"
Dude2:"are you kidding! his house is like a fecking Brewery"
by 4shaw April 3, 2007
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Also known as a brew pub, beer house, a brewing company, these places make their own beer and sell it commercially. Often a more intimate space where people passionate about beer will find their way to these places to enjoy a pint. Some of the best Brewers are found off the beaten path. You can find these hidden gems in commercial zones and warehouse locations. Don't let the odd locations to be off-putting or you may miss one of your soon to be best hang outs!
How do we find the best Brewerys? I heard that the Carizma App has them listing in the app.
by CarizmaGuy December 17, 2016
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Also expressed as GDB.

It is an expressed feeling of rage when something you enjoy completely blows up in your face.

From the movie Beerfest, when Landfill explains how he got fired from his job at the brewery because he loved beer so much that he drank 40 bottles off the line.
"Ahhh, I love playing games on my computer."

*Blue Screen*

by cygnus6300 September 8, 2012
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While having sex a female violently squirts into a cup. The male ejaculetes into the same cup. When done both male and female pee into the cup at the same time. Let ferment for up to one week. After fermentation the guy and the girl drink the Milwaukee Brewery
Dixie and ripple wanted to try something different so they made a Milwaukee Brewery
by Shelly marx January 9, 2019
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When you insert a funnel into a woman's vagina and pour an alcoholic beverage of your choice into the funnel, and you proceed to have her pee the booze back into your mouth.
Me and my girlfriend were pretty drunk last night and we used the last of our whiskey to make a Brazilian Brewery.
by Anal-devastator June 17, 2014
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When you pour alcohol of your choice into the vagina and then eat her out until you are drunk.
I was trashed last night after I gave Andrea the Amish Brewery.
by Scott Walsh February 14, 2007
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