a place that's not very well known to the general public, usually located in a secluded area.
I like hanging out at this pub once in a while after work. It's off the beaten path and I get a chance to relax for a while.
by Bungalow Bill August 22, 2006
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To do something knowing that there will be an unexpected outcome.
Guy 1: what's bob gonna do now that he's 17 and has freedom?
Guy 2: Hes going to venture off the beaten path into a world beyond his home.
by Chill2y3 March 28, 2013
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Someone with a deformed skull which looks like a bumpy off road path. Also an idiot beatneck loser who tries to act big. A tramp.
That one redneck on SA:MP who you can pick as your character has an Off The Beaten Path Head.

Look at that guy over there. . . yeah he is a scuzzball beatneck Off The Beaten Path Head.
by Meankookoo31337 July 15, 2009
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