The black box is a speaker used in events where you get hyped to very loud rap music and party.
Marusha, tell Layla to get the black box out.
by Marusha June 4, 2019
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this the most illegal box in the world as far as software goes. it has 8 disks in the box. each worth over 1000 dollars in stores. they are all permanently cracked and they are also all pirated obviously. the box was made out of plastic and electrical tape. it has 3 words on the box..."The Black Box".
Guy 1: "Hey man have you heard about the black box?"
Guy 2: "No man i haven't, what is it?"
Guy 1: "......................................"
Guy 2: "Are you okay dude?"
by lasttccasey1 April 13, 2010
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In programming, a self-contained, independent subroutine or program module designed to perform a single task; the user has no knowledge of its internal structure but can use it by passing a clearly defined set of input parameters.
That module is a black box. We'll never know how it works; we only know it generates pron.
by blak box October 10, 2003
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A 'black box' describes the state of mind one can experience that is associated with isolation, pain, frustration, and other negative synonyms of the like.

It describes how one feels when they are trapped, obstructed, or even empowered (even if empowerment is false) by something that is affecting them psychologically.
Person 1: I find myself returned to my 'Black Box'. I forgot how I got here, or how I ever even found it in the first place. When I'm here, I don't feel like myself. But to tell the trurth, I still am, myself.

Person A: "Daryl's going to the 'Black Box' again... should we help him?"
Person B: "Nah, he can let himself out of it eventually, he's used to it. It's probably for his benefit, it's all he knows anyway. Just let him be."
by TRWoof June 19, 2018
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To imprison someone in a secret location.
The CIA started black-boxing suspected terrorists after 9/11.
by Syjel October 28, 2009
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A device used by phone phreakers to fool the phone company into giving you free long distance service.

It does this by changing the voltages over the lines to a state where the phone company doesn't monitor and bill.
I use my black box to get free long distance.
by Ebe October 7, 2003
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In transportation, the term black box refers to any of a number of systems designed to collect and preserve data for analysis after an accident, such as a flight data recorder, event recorder, or automotive event data recorder.
After the plane crash, they retrieved the black box to reveal that there was a bug in the flight controls systems that caused the crash.
by Anonymous23985u93 December 24, 2013
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