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Similar to the "shocker" except you use all fingers excluding the thumb (Or include it if you wish, whatever) in your orifice of choice and at the same time gabble on as loud as you can about jell-o pudding and "buck buck" and all that senseless shit that Bill Cosby talks about as loud as you can in your best Bill Cosby voice impression.
-"dude I totally used The Bill Cosby on that girl last night!"

-"No way, how man times did you say jell-o pudding pops before she freaked out?"

-"I think seven or eight"
by leefferickson April 21, 2008
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When your fucking a black girl in the ass and then you pull out and shove a pudding pop up there and start fucking her with it and yell "IT'S YOUR UNCLE BILL BITCH!"
I picked up this dirty nigga ho in an ally. I couldn't finish cause this pussy was terrble so i pulled off The Bill Cosby.
by The Angry Nisch January 23, 2010
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