When someone horny has embraced their gay side
Tmoe and Elfuego had achieved The Biggest Gay levels of horny
by GoldenFoxx192 October 30, 2020
Tmoe and El
Tmoe and El drew a tie in the “the biggest gay” contest
by GoldenFoxx192 October 30, 2020
The word gay meaning of a person, especially a man homosexual combined with biggest is the best comeback known to human life. This come back can not be negated no matter what and will end the other persons career.
Mike: You called my mom biggest gay i am now your bitch
by Official Definitions March 26, 2018
He is the biggest gay on the entire and should commit not living. fucking indian ass bitch

Name might be Hugo
Normal Gay: bro im gay
SUPER GAY: nah im more gay
Hugo: IM THE BIGGEST GAY MAN UwU *Destroys the penises of both gay and them eats their ass 3 times*
by gay_6969 January 13, 2020
Completely destroys anyone who calls your mom gay, but only works when they call your mom gay and they can't come back with no u.
John: hey Joe ur mom gay

Joe: but ur mom biggest gay
by bean'd May 19, 2018