Awesome guy who never gives up on others and will always be on the fence in an argument. Is always loyal to his girlfriend no matter what.
Girl1: My boyfriend is so nice and he truly loves me.

Girl2: He must be a real Jerald
by jmastakiiier12 July 21, 2011
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Sexy, being sexy
Dam you so Jerald !
by Iknowallofthis June 22, 2010
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He's a real fucking piece of piss. Eats rotten cunts to live.
Jerald is gay
by Faggot 369 April 12, 2019
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Jeralding is a game made by the father of three Ukrainian home schooled boys who he feared were becoming incestuous homosexuals after he walked in on them jerking each other. The game was designed to prevent them from having sexual tensions. The game requires a pair of scissors, and a spoon and jar of jelly for each player. The game starts out by two or more players playing rock paper scissors, who ever eventually loses must get naked and slice their penis with the scissors, the the player must run to the hospitol naked while the remaining players chase him flinging jelly at him with the spoons.

> hey, you guys want to do some jeralding?
> No?
by Віктор Юлія September 14, 2012
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The combination of grapefruit juice and sweet tea.
Yo homie is that an Arnie Palmer? Naw man it's a Jerald Palmer.its a combination of grapefruit juice and sweet tea How is it? It's bussing.
by LethargicChorizo420 July 6, 2022
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