when you think of barry bonds, you think of a monster homerun. well the barry bonds is now when you input two baseball bats into the vagina and the butthole.
While Ricky was sexorizing this female, she asked for the Barry Bonds. Ricky thought about it for a while and insert 4 Louisville Sluggers into her.
by Ron(Mr. Delicious) August 8, 2007
A baseball player who, as of the end of the 2007 season, had a record 762* home runs.
In 2007, Barry Bonds* hit his 756th* home run, passing Hank Aaron for the all time record*. He also holds the single season record* of 73* home runs. Previous single-season record-holders include Mark McGwire*, Roger Maris, and Babe Ruth.

Bob: "Barry Bonds in the 1990's was a hell of a player, wasn't he?"
Joe: "Yeah, but his numbers pale in comparison to what Barry Bonds* put up."
Bob: "Who's that?"
Joe: "You know, that guy on the Giants with a watermelon-sized head who set all those records*."
by Nicholas D January 13, 2008
An African American left fielder for the San Francisco Giants who has abnormally small testicles (size youth medium cup), a size 32 D bra, and a gigantic dome. Barry is an individual who didn't understand the consequences of shooting animal growth hormone into his glutinous and is currently suffering from a shriveled scrotum, limited room in his bra, a lot of room in his jock, excessive back-acne, a schizophrenic and unpredictable roid raging personality. Pedro Gomez of ESPN has divorced his wife, and left his kids so that he could follow this cheating, low-life, asshole.
Barry Bonds, the pussy left fielder for the San Francisco Giants, who cheated so that he could pass Hank Aaron's home run record, now pees from an organ called the vagina.
by G-Schwartz April 10, 2007
-someone who cheated there way just so they can pass babe ruths record.
-someone who is a liar.
-someone who is a cheat.
-someone who is an azz.
by yankeesrule March 10, 2005
A punk ass who plays for the San Fransico Giants. He is considered one of the greatest home run hitters. It is all bull because the guy is on freaking steroids. This guy is a disgrace to baseball and everyone hates him.
Barry Bonds is a "cracka" on steroids.
by torchia March 1, 2005
(n) another name for Steroids, HGH, or any other extreme muscle building substance
Bill: Man, have you seen Jake? He's gotten huge since last summer!
Tom: Yeah, he got on that Barry Bonds
by RandyD October 31, 2007
A guy who used steroids to hit lots of home runs. This pissed off Babe Ruth, so he cursed him with injuries. But he can only do one curse at a time, and this allowed the Boston Red Sox to win the 2004 World Series. I contend he will be injured again and will not play another game.
by Daniel M October 16, 2005