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An African American left fielder for the San Francisco Giants who has abnormally small testicles (size youth medium cup), a size 32 D bra, and a gigantic dome. Barry is an individual who didn't understand the consequences of shooting animal growth hormone into his glutinous and is currently suffering from a shriveled scrotum, limited room in his bra, a lot of room in his jock, excessive back-acne, a schizophrenic and unpredictable roid raging personality. Pedro Gomez of ESPN has divorced his wife, and left his kids so that he could follow this cheating, low-life, asshole.
Barry Bonds, the pussy left fielder for the San Francisco Giants, who cheated so that he could pass Hank Aaron's home run record, now pees from an organ called the vagina.
by G-Schwartz April 09, 2007
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When a female rotates in a counter-clockwise motion around a group of four guys and gives them head in a way resembling someone circling the bases after a home run.
"Yo Man, me and my 3 buddies just got the ill grand slam blow job last night from this chick last night; she really circled the bases with authority."

by G-Schwartz September 19, 2007
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