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A very distinguished major league baseball player with over 500 career home runs who lacks the ability to obtain an erection without the good ol' purple pill we all know and love. You've probably seen him on their commercials.
Before Viagra came around, Rafael Palmeiro hit 300 home runs and had over 1000 RBIs, but he never scored.

Dave: "So how was Jenny last night? That girl is bangin'. Did you beat it up?"
Jack: "Nope. I smoked too much of the reefer and ended up pulling a Rafael Palmeiro."
Dave: "Don't worry man, you're probably just gay."
by Nick D September 26, 2003
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a major league baseball player who will likely end up in the hall of fame and despite hitting 500+ home runs, can't get it up without the aid of the old purple pill
"So, did you bang Sally last night or what?"
"Almost, but I pulled a Rafael Palmeiro."
"That sucks man. Here, try this Viagra."

The season after Viagra went off the market, Rafael Palmeiro drove in 125 runs, but he never scored.
by Nick D September 23, 2003
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A low life cheat that has ruined his chances for the Hall and has lied in front of congress. He's a worthless 500/3000 player due to steroids.
Dude, you got huge in such a short amount of time!
Yeah, I know. I pulled a Palmeiro. It's all about the juice.
by Dan A. August 03, 2005
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