A term used by African American youths in the mid 90’s for “ Out of Bounds” in basketball.
Nah man. You stepped out of balance.
by The_Streets October 7, 2017
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the sum of the capital account balance and the current account balance; put another way, the net change in financial reserves of a country, whether in the form of income (current account) or foreign investments (capital account)

For example, in all years since 1980, the USA has run a large-to-huge current account deficit, but in most years it has run a capital account surplus that is almost as big as the current account deficit. As a result, the USA has run a medium-to-large balance of payments deficit over this period.

A commonly-overlooked byproduct of BoP is that it determines whether or not a currency can be used as an international reserve currency. Despite repeated efforts by the governments of the EU and Japan to get their currencies established as such, they have failed to dent the US dollar's global primacy as the money for international transactions. This is because EU member states and Japan (as well as other major economies) run very large surpluses in their BoP. Japan, in particular, imports extremely little, and retains huge reserves rather than invest all of its net export earnings overseas. As a consequence, overseas holdings of euros or yen are much to small to serve as an alternative to the US dollar.
Since the oil embargo of the 1970's, the US has run a balance of payments deficit because its trade deficit was enormous; prior to the embargo, the US BoP deficit was large because the US exported such an enormous amount of finance capital. As a consequence, the balance of payments deficit has persisted since the end of the Korean War (1953).
by Abu Yahya February 14, 2009
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When to many overweight individuals take the same flight, the flight crew must split the larger individuals evenly on both sides of the aircraft.
Flight attendant 1 - "Why are we flying sideways?"
Flight attendant 2 - "Time to complete an ass balance"

Nate - "How is the ass balance going?"
Ed - "Ass Balance?"
Nate "*Mass"
by Slarge January 11, 2012
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1. To engage in sexual intercourse in a non-traditional location or position whereby great care, skill and balance is required to avoid falling, twisting or otherwise resulting in bodily injury.

2. A mechanical term used to refer to the installation of vehicle tires onto wheel rims and weight balancing the wheel for even tread wear.
1. Dan and Carla spiced up their lovemaking by having sex on the roof of their neighbors house. They were able to get off without injury with a successful mount and balance.

2. Frank bough some new shoes for his ride and made sure he paid extra for the mount and balance.
by Eaton Holgoode September 30, 2015
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The level of jizz in the male sexual organs, for example if you haven't had a wank for a week you have a healthy wank balance, if you wank 8 times a day then your overdrawn
I need to refuel the tank - my wank balance is running low after this mornings work out
by sharkfest August 1, 2016
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Buying official Glenn Danzig albums, tickets or merchandise to offset the guilt felt from buying new Misfits concert tickets or logo items; trying to lessen the injustice of Misfits fans patronizing the legal yet undeserving owners of the Misfits trademarks, Jerry Only and Doyle.
I really want these Crimson Ghost sneakers from Hot Topic even though it sickens me that Jerry Only will get the profits- so I'll buy a few things from Danzig's website for Danzig balancing.
by Shanthrax138 September 9, 2010
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