A douche-bag talking head way of making it sound like you're giving a fair assessment, even when you're not.
Rush L.:You know, on balance, (heherm)... all liberals are communistic swine out to destroy America
by Eldred Derringer November 6, 2009
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Unable to think clearly, bewildered. Confused
Doesn’t understand the meaning of boundaries and space.
What sort of a balancered person are you
This topic is really balancering
by Lagos22 November 10, 2019
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Whoa look at her she is balanced!
Don't you mean thick bro?
I don't want to be politically incorrect.
by Makundra November 22, 2017
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The act/skill of balancing an object, or multiple objects.
Mark used his balancation to keep the soccer ball on top of his head.
by Mad_definitions April 3, 2018
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It describes how people balance out their personalities
If we put two crazy people together, we throw out their balancity.
by kawaiibaka November 4, 2018
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The part of a relationship when a guy is trying to keep a balance between a girl being a booty call and her becoming his girlfriend.
My booty balance is all outta wack cuz she thinks I just want her for sex.

My booty balance is all outta wack cuz she thinks she's my girl.
by Summerbees December 13, 2011
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A white trash Russian male who is squatting down, usually in the most inconvenient of places, in order to show his dominance over the other gopnik of the region. Can usually be found balanced on top of fence posts and garbage cans. Will usually say "Oi Blyat" to those who pass by. Be very careful as these creatures are known to be very territorial, they will attac if their balance is being threatened.
Troy: Hey bro be careful when you go to practice today.
Alex: Why bro?
Troy: Cause there's a balanced gopnik on the fence next to the field.
Alex: Thanks bro, I could have been killed.
by Forged by iron March 21, 2018
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