Borrowing money from a friend to buy something for them.
Don't do the Anna.
by Keegles June 04, 2011
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An angelic being. She is the most beautiful person inside and out. She's sweet towards her friends and will protect them with all of her being. She is easy to fall in love with, whether I mean platonically or romantically is well...both! She's one of, if not THE best friend you will ever meet in your life. She's the one who has won my heart and is the most lovely person you will EVER meet in your entire life!!
If you ever hurt Anna, then...well, you're honestly one of the most foolish people ever.
by ICaraBoutYou May 12, 2019
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Anna..........literally the best girl in the world. She is a very adorable, amazing, stubborn person. She has amazing humor and can brighten your day with just her smile. But there's also her bad side; you mess with her and you'll end up in hell.
Anna is also probably the best person to date. If you get an Anna in a relationship, she will give all her effort, and will most likely get very attached to you; that is if she likes you enough, ´cause with the one, she gets ¨click¨ with, shes most likely in it for the long run. Anna´s also very sexy, tho she doesn't try to dress too nice, but either way, she'll take your breath away. She has all the right curves in all the right places and has sparkling eyes that just melt you away. Shes literally a goddess. She is also an amazing friend, probably the best friend in the group. So if you ever DO get her in a relationship, NEVER let her go, EVER!!! NO MATTER WHAT. When you have her heart, take care of your ¨Anna¨ cause shes only a once in a lifetime thing. Anna is the love of my life, my whole world, and if I lost her.....I´d LITERALLY kill myself!
guy#1: Hey, I heard you were dating Anna?
guy #2: ya, I was having a bad day, then she walked in the room and kissed me, now I feel like a king.
guy#1: awww, man! Lucky! I wish I was dating Anna!
by Lord_NEXUS April 12, 2019
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An Anna's an intresting girl. Choses to not hang out with the popular girls even though she could be one. absoultley be one. stunning beyond belief and dresses well. she's very very smart and will let you cheat of her during a test only to tutor you on how to do it after. she's very funny and loud with her friend group but dosen't really bother talking to anyone else. has a mature style and personality.
''that anna's funny she is''
''is she? she's never spoken a word to me?''
by anymous bitch uWu July 20, 2019
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Anna is a person who makes you appreciate life for what it is. She has a smile and a twinkle that will light up a room imediately. She is a puppy at the core and let's everyone know it. Anna loves people for who they are. She is beautiful understanding and funny. If you fall, then Anna will either fall with you, or be the soft hand to help you up.
You have never met a person like Anna
by Matthew u August 05, 2019
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Anna is the sweetest, most caring person you will ever encounter. She has a big heart and an amazing personality. If you need somebody to talk to, Anna is waiting with open arms and is ready to lend an ear.

Anna is also one of the most intelligent individuals you could meet. The sheer amount of knowledge in her brain is pretty astounding. Whether it's about a great composer or a species of sea creatures, Anna has the answer to every question you could ask and more. She is smart without being pretentious, and she definitely has a bright future to look ahead to.

Anna has a unique sense of humor that seems strange to outsiders, but when you get to know her, you can understand her jokes.

All in all, anyone who has the opportunity to date or be friends with Anna is lucky asf, she is an amazing person. <3
I'm so happy with Anna, I'm so lucky to have her as my girlfriend!
by campbells_tomato_soup April 14, 2019
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Anna is....god there are no words to describe how amazing she is. She is very cute, very stubborn, short tempered and a little psycho. Anna is also sweet, kind, soft hearted, crazy and outgoing. Anna tends to be hyper and annoying at times, cute, sweet, kind and helpful at times, but then there is Anna's bad side...she is psycho, crazy, and a total bitch. Trust me you don't want to get on Anna's bad side. Anna is a fun person to date. She has many different personalities but in a good way. Everyone wants to date an Anna. She will brighten your day. Anna also is very sexy, although she usually dresses lazily, when she tries it's amazing, there are no words to describe it. If you get a good Anna, in a relationship, she will give you her everything. Once she gets attached to you, she is attached to you, well probably for life. She will have a hard time getting over you. Anna's only "click" with certain people, so if Anna is dying to date you, there is a reason. And she most likely will get attached. When an Anna is in a relationship, she is dating you to marry you, and trust me when I say that she will only be about you. ( that is if you get a good Anna) Anna is the love of my life, she is my wife, and if I lost her I would literally shoot myself. She was my high school sweetheart and Anna's tend to get crazy sometimes but you need to trust her. I lost her back in high school and it was the biggest mistake of my life.
I wish Anna was mine! I would do anything to have her!
by ciniful January 24, 2017
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