A bad thing, or an unusual thing. Also a really strange thing that’s not necessary.
“Kevin, can you please move your seat towards the very back?,” said Ms. Smith

“Yeah sure, can I sit in the front though since no one sits there and I can see the board better?,” said Kevin.

“No, I’d like you to sit in the back because that way you won’t be near your friends,” said Ms. Smith.

But why would I sit in the back when I can’t see in the back anyways? Bro that’s just messed up,” said Kevin again.
by Trinity:) October 30, 2019
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Brandon messed up, and now he's dealing with the negative consequences.
by I_win_ January 29, 2018
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To ruin a situation. Damage something suddenly.
You will mess up the wedding if you decide idea to play the piano. You suck!
by Favelasqa February 24, 2016
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1. to do something wrong, make a mistake, or make a fool of yourself

2. to not be funny or interesting
"That girl is walking around like she's all that. She is messing up."
by loredaj March 31, 2010
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1.)To be wasted or drunk. (see wasted).
2.)To be beaten up badly.
3.)Something that is strange or weird.
look at that 6 legged freak, that is messed up!
by Mark October 13, 2003
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1) unjust, lacking fairness, unfortunate
2) describes a situation where someone purposefully does something to complicate the life of someone else
3) in ruins
1) "You're mom won't let you go out of state for college? That's messed up."

2) "You told the teacher that I did it? That's messed up."
by Josue06 December 20, 2005
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to be in a state of mess
That shit is messed up, yo!
by Andres October 25, 2004
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