An expression to let someone know that they have finally understood or identified an object or concept.
Is this the phillips screwdriver you wanted.

Yes, that's the kiddie.
by Ralph King February 4, 2010
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Refering to pornography using actresses barely over the legal limit, who shave their pubic hair and have their faces digitally altered to appear as though they were much younger. Also "pornography" showing penetration of the kind of dolls little girls play with. In many western countries, this is completely legal. Infact, any country where
"normal" pornography is allowed, this is too. Many sex shops distribute these videos entirely legally and in the open.
Kiddie Kiddie videos have fairly low mark-ups, because the paedophiles think they share a bond with the typical customer. See NAMBLA
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 22, 2004
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1) Anyone on the Internet under the age of 13 that acts like they run the place. is full of kiddies, each stupider then the last.
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
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1. a child

2. something intended for children
There all kiddie movies.
by Light Joker August 19, 2007
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More of an observed phenomenon than a group of actual young people, kiddies refers to the apparent force that seemingly sways various events on the Internet.
The kiddies woke up and voted for Donkey Kong in the poll.
The kiddies got home from school and stole all my HITs.
by smasherx December 15, 2005
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