A phrase used at the beginning of a sentence indicating the person really IS about to be rude.
"Not to be rude but" those pants make your ass look fat.
by Thisnametaken August 1, 2008
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The concentrated effort to be rude that is often the pastime of the wealthy.
Her capacity for exceedingly obnoxious and continuous ruding has never been exceeded by anyone!
by Dr Bunnygirl June 4, 2021
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Someone who is mean to others for no reason and says things that are offensive without good cause
Paul Simone is extremely rude because he always is mean to Mary and he sprays Febreeze in people's faces.
by PropsPeoplePerson April 8, 2017
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1. socially incorrect in behavior
2. being so hot that it's not nice anymore AKA socially incorrect for those around them
"Wow, I was just riding my bike when I saw Michael and fell off because he was SO rude"
by PlaydohK October 7, 2013
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to get too wild supporting radical habits , doing crazy shit without any regaurd for anyone else, wild ideas,
steven did you just throw my soda out the window at that guy walking his kids? Fuckin Rude!
by chevy octane March 26, 2015
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When you ask someone to take a group picture but then they refuse to share it if they don't like themselves in the picture
A: Hi Simeon, can you send me that other picture from last night?

B: Sorry, I didn't like it so I deleted the photo.

A: Wow, that's so rude!
by No Amy like January 26, 2018
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