1. Refers to a random short person with whom you know not the name of.

2. The best flippin' website ever, complete with sexy preloader.

3. Webmaster of aforementioned site.
"Dude, is that?! Yes!!! It's That Short Guy!"
by TSG November 9, 2003
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Contrary to what some people say, there’s nothing wrong with being a short guy. Short guys and short girls look really cute together.
Jennifer: I’m only 5 feet so I have to date short guys, doesn’t bother me though.
by nutella137 July 23, 2020
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a guy who is under average height, normally under 5'2. But is the most frickin awesomest person who ever lived, all the girls love him because he is so cute. He is the coolest, funniest, hottest, and most loved of all people on the entire planet.
girl 1: wow did you see that cute guy over there?

girl 2: yea that's definately a short guy, but he is mine

girl 1: wow i wish i could have a short guy

girl 2: o you poor thing you must get one
by short guy May 13, 2009
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A male usually 5'6 or under. At one time in history it was considered okay to be 5'4 - 5'6. Nowadays its abnormal and unattractive to females. Doesn't matter if your good looking or nice, short guys usually have to struggle when finding a female who will actually give them a chance in a crowd of tall males. Soon to be extinct.
Girl #1: "How about that short guy?"
Girl #2: "Hes cute...but too short."
Girl #1: "What about that other guy?"
Girl #2: "Hes kinda ugly but very tall....i think im gonna have sex with him!"
by joe show2121 February 9, 2010
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quarter of the population, fucked for life because of a genetic sequence
(on OKCupid)
Profile: MD, senator, bodybuilder
College-dropout woman: EW! He's 5-6... just another short guy with a little dick!


(in the future)
Doctor: We've looked at a genetic sequence on the 4th Y chromosome, the newborn boy will only be 5-9 as an adult - a short guy
Mother: OH GOD KILL IT!!!
by subwayjared July 1, 2015
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The posture assumed in couples selfies by a taller woman dating a shorter man, so as to appear equal in height to her partner.
"I didn't know Lisa was six feet tall, she looks Jeff's height in all their pictures!"
"Yep, that's the magic of the short guy squat."
by miss_tarrare July 27, 2014
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a short male who buys an oversized truck, works out to become as buff as possible, buys a very masculine large dog such as a boxer or pitbul, in order to make up for how tiny his dick is and how short he is.
wow, such a nice monster truck... the man who owns it must suffer from short guy syndrome. I feel so bad for the poor little man.):
by hiddenstar December 24, 2014
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