1. a code word for codeine
Luis- "Hey fool, you got tha 5-9?"

Rob "Oh fo sho! What you think this is?
Kindergarden? 3 bucks a pop"
by -=Rob to da 5-9=- August 06, 2008
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Verb: meaning something stupid. To pull a 5-9 is to say and/or do something that many would consider institutionalizing you for.

Noun: used as a nickname for someone who has repeatedly done or said stupid things that you don't want them to live it down.
Timmy pulled a real 5-9 when he announced his poker hand before betting! From this day forward he will be strictly known as 5-9!
by Steve Christensen December 17, 2007
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pronounced "Five to Nine". Used when i girl walks past, or tries to PU you or one of your mates, who is under the legal age of consent, but has done herself up so she looks quote "Old enough to F*ck".
swissBoy: haha *nods* 5-9 indeed
theBrother: no for me
Sherm: hahahhahaha
by ricky (shermz) December 09, 2005
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RS report in ham radio. 5 means strong signal and 9 means good audio quality. Equivalent to "I can hear you loud and clear".
... roger roger, I can hear you 5 by 9. Good luck in the contest and 73.
by OK9NJA January 20, 2020
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A part time job with few hours
I'm a full time student but I have a 5 to 9 at Domino's after class.
by Dynazty December 20, 2009
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A traditional eight hour day shift.

In some companies, the 9-5 is really 8:30-5 or 9-5:30. It's an extra half hour because of an unpaid 30 minute lunch break. In companies where you're paid by the hour, it's so you don't lose out on 30 minutes of pay. In ones where you're paid by the year, it's pretty much squeazing the extra half hour out of you in order to make up for the 30 minute lunch.

It generally refers to working Monday through Friday but in modern times where services are expected to be availalble durring non business hours, evening and weekend shifts are becomming an increasingly required demand of employees.
I used to work the traditional Mon-Fri 9-5 day shift but they've got me working weekends in the evenings now.
by anonymous October 27, 2004
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In street lingo, or perhaps in slang version, 9-5 is an adjective that references having/living an average life workin' a typical hard-labor, low-wager job. Obviously this is conclusive of the general 9-5 definition of having a job that's essentially that 8-hour, 5 times a week shift. But back on street talk, it's being stuck with a dead end job that brings in enough money afford the minimal bills putting whatever food onthe table that comes by.
"C'mon Chris this new job at a super Wal-Mart will be like free money."
"Hell no, first cashier at Wal-Mart, next supervisor on a longer term basis; I'll be damned if end up livin' a 9-5 worth nothin life. I'm gunna make it even if I gotta travel that high road on my own."
by cboyweridin February 23, 2012
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