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Thani is the name of some who is typically a boy who is very goofy and handsome. They are kind most days but can be very mean in a bad mood. They're usually are trouble makers/planners, They often try to get a reaction by saying dumb/mean/kind stuff. They gain and lose interest very quickly, unless they think you're attractive. He often does very dumb stuff that he might regret. They learn very quickly, but often don't care about their experience and try making up a solution on the spot.
Thani: (doing something stupid he'll regret later)
Girl: ooo what's that boys name?
Girl 2: Oh.. That's Thani, Don't get close he's a trouble maker.
by 69DickSuxer69UrMumGay April 17, 2019
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Half/Asian boy that is hopefully not a gigalo. Mysterious and quiet. Also EXTREMELY attractive.
HB is a thanis.
by HelenaBrown May 21, 2015
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A cocky but very unattractive person who has phone sex with girls whether they were cute or ugly. Sike! he'd sext/phone sex a dog to beat his meat any day anytime. A person who goes around daring girls and talking behind they're backs, oblivious of the fact that they're all friends and know what he's doing, laughing behind their screens.
Omg! have you seen this dude on tumblr who sexted me begging for pics of me and my sis making out? Ugh! he's such a Thani.
Hey babe, I'm feeling cocky. Lets Thani it up tonight.

Stop messaging me you fucking perv! I dont sext, dont pull a classic Thani on me.
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by Fglybitch May 22, 2019
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