High quality marijuana bud that is wraped around a thick stem from a canabis plant with hemp rope. This is done to compress then buds and dry it at a slower pace then is done otherwise. This slow drying process allows for a greater potency of the marijuana. However, contrary to popular belief, it is NOT dipped in opium or some other drug.
I spent most of my college years smoking thai stick, occuping various administration buildings, breaking in to the ROTC...
by BUD BROS 4 LIFE December 6, 2005
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Thai Sticks are very high-grade marijuana which is wrapped around a stick and dipped in opium.
Smoking Thai Sticks will make a person very mellow and relaxed.
by Levi S. October 21, 2003
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Densely budded marijuana, often laced with a supplemental recreational drug, formed into short sticks for convenience
We smoked off some of them Thai sticks to try to come down a little, but the Dog kept kicking they butt.
by Zeke October 9, 2003
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Prevalent in Vietnam, Thai Sticks became acknowledged as popular in the United States to some extent, however the term never entered the popular public sphere. Thai sticks were popular especially during the mid-60s (perhaps 1966-67) until the early seventies.
john smoked it first. he was fine. ed smoked it next. all was well. but when mike smoked it, the shit hit the fan; something extra amongst the grass. After an hour mike became belligerent; within three hours he passed out. The time in between reveled intensity never to be felt by the rest of them, and trigger-sleepy-depressed remained the prevalent attitude for the remainder of smoking the thai sticks
by AMWilliams May 17, 2007
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An exotic strain of cannabis sativa from, guess where ? Thailand !!
"The police in Glendale, California, raided a large party yesterday evening. Among the goods confiscated were alcoholic beverages, Quaalude, cocaine, and a substantial amount of a potent marijuana concentrate called Thai stick."
by Johnny Chingas October 19, 2008
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A really great spades team new to the Campfire Spaders Ladder. They play in Ladder Room 5 on the Microsoft Zone. A really unique team they are!
If you play against Thai Sticks you are sure to get a good game.
by tattitude_CYN March 9, 2004
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