1. A group of professional Assassins dated back to the 1300's. Thags then became used to define killers or a group of people who are known for the blood they shed. KKK WAS a Thag and MS-13 IS a Thag.

2. Used in the fiction lineage of barbarians, usually meaning "Great Warrior" or "Warrior of War." LorkThag, WarThag, SonThag, Thag O'Noth, Thag O'Bori. It would either replace the first or last name.
Thag; KKK up to 1950's, MS-13, Bloods, Nazi's
by Saradomian January 22, 2014
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A mixture between a Thot and a Faggot in a form of a man
by lol John July 07, 2018
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a pathetic speller on crack. it is a neutral word, usually used whilst texting, but it can be used during social interactions.
the origin of this word comes from messages between two people that no matter how hard they tried, somehow they managed to always spell at least one word wrong in a sentence.
other ways to use the word:
thags, thagyness, thaggy.
person 1: what is the school teaching us? we don't remember anything.
person 2: ikr it's like no matter how hard they try we'll always be thags.
by thags101 June 27, 2019
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Someone who is a thot and a fag
Oh my god. Did you see what rissa posted on tik tok? She’s such a thag.
by Homigod February 15, 2020
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