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A joke that references an earlier joke, popularized by the TV show Arrested Development.
Great, more hand-loss callbacks...
by Monty Park June 26, 2009

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The epic wedgie a teenage boy would get for wearing a Jack Welch suit to school.
I'd wear it to school, but who needs a Welch wedge?
by Monty Park August 05, 2009

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A village in California and a suburb of Riverside. A blighted wasteland of junkyards and trucking facilities believed by many to be a portal to hell, and in grave danger of being swallowed up by Fontucky.
"Declezville, CA, 92337"
by Monty Park June 22, 2009

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Oral sex. The phrase was popularized by a call-in segment on The Young Turks in July of 2009.
George Bush was getting mouth-love in the White House, the only difference was it was his wife!
by Monty Park July 01, 2009

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Compatriots in the bald community, will give each other thumbs up as a means of empowerment in the face of vicious anti-bald bias.
"They're my bald brothers. We don't have meetings or anything, but we'll nod or something."
by Monty Park June 10, 2009

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The temporary use of government as a tool for personal mafia-style tactics.
The Moreaux mayorship has helped to start the Palinization of Perth-Amboy politics.
by Monty Park July 03, 2009

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The second coming of Ronald Reagan.
If I interpret my Republican prophesies correctly, we will see the second coming of Reagan! The Gipture!
by Monty Park July 03, 2009

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