I was born and raised in Houston.
So lets tell the truth.
-The weather in Texas changes very rapidly, and we get a bit of everything, except snow. That doesn't come around very often.
-We don't get married to our sisters or even distant cousins. A shock. I know. If you want to see some of that go to Oklahoma.
-Not everyone here talks with a distinct country accent.
You have to go to the smaller towns for that. Lufkin, Etoile, Waco, etc. It all depends on what area of Texas you were born in. People move here from New York and California all the time, and we don't sound any diffrent.
Our slang is the only true thing that seperates us.
-Yes, we have racism here. Just like any other state, but it's not as bad as people make it sound. The Africans, Mexicans, and Orientals, etc. out number us by more the 50%.
-Taking hits to our pride by informing us we cuss to much (yes, 'cuss') is low. We cuss just as much as anyone in California, or Florida would.
-No one walks around here in in full cowboy uniform. So if you think we do, maybe you should visit before opening your mouth.
Of course you are going to think the place you live is better than Texas. What kind of dumbfuck wouldn't stick up for there state, and if you wouldn't. Why the hell do you still live there?
by bri go rawr May 18, 2006
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The best Mexican food. Dr. Pepper on tap. Beautiful ladies. Awesomeness everywhere you turn. The best fucking place on earth. Move there now!
Fuck you! I'm from Texas!!!
by johnnymurder April 20, 2005
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the only state in the union that can fly its flag at the same height as the american flag.....
and the only reason texas doesnt fall into the gulf of mexico... is because oklahoma sucks
look at the flag in our capitol
austin texas... same height as the us flag
by solardog January 27, 2004
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Hitting the road at 85 mph, legally. Texas has the fastest open roads in America.
God blessed Texas!
by I ride my horse to work. March 21, 2013
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A state in the southern USA. Its in the south. There are billboards about Jesus. One can buy waffles there.
Look! a billboard about Jesus and waffles!
by John Smith April 03, 2004
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the 2nd biggest state in the USA in the south. alot of things in TX are bigger. or at least ppl say they are. this state has long droughts. aka the lone star state due to the one star on its state flag. the ONLY state to have 6 flags flown over it. thats why they made a whole amusement park called 6 Flags Over Texas.
'bigger in Tx, better in a dodge!'

see? even dodge admits that things in TX are bigger!
by freckleschic09 June 25, 2005
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I love how you all bash on Texas. How many of you have actually been here? I was born and raised here and its a very diverse state. There is not much racism, no incest, i dont drive a truck, i sure as hell dont wear cowboy apparel, and i dont have a horse. I live in a very nice neighborhood in a city. Yeah i love football, but what man in his right mind doesnt rgardless of what state hes from? Who cares if its highschool, college, or the NFL? I dont bash on your states so what gives you the right to bash on mine? Hell yeah im proud of where i come from, im sorry you have to be assholes to make yourselves feel better. Your problem not mine. Oh and why dont y'all (make the jokes, i said it on purpose.) do some research and find out where that fathead "Dubya" really comes from before you use him to make the rest of us look bad. You call us ignorant but why dont you all take a look in the mirror before you try to use that as a weapon. We Texans are not an idiotic, uneducated people like you all are trying to make us out to be. Oh and another thing...Texas has the more people in the military fighting for you freedom, I was one of them...Your welcome...21B for life! A word to the wise; Form your argument, think about how your gonna say it, use proper grammar, then come talk to me. Thank you.

Your Friend,

The Texan
Person #1-Where are you from?
Person #2-Texas
Person #1-Bush sucks! And he came from Texas so Texas sucks too!!
Person #2-Wow...Really? And you call me dumb?
by TURBOS14 March 21, 2011
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