Contrary to popular belief, Texas is not the only state that has once been its own independent nation. Hawaii, California, South Carolina, Vermont, and the no longer existant West Florida all have histories of being their own nations. North Carolina and Rhode Islands were also briefly their own nations as well.
Texas does not have the right to secede from the Union, but it does however, have the right to split itself into as many as five states on the approval of its legislature for the purpose of increased Senate representation.
Texas is the second largest state in the US in terms of both area and population, with Alaska being larger and California more populous.
Texas became the 28th state in the United States in 1845.
by TXChris March 22, 2006
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a state in the southern United States where minorities such as Hispanics and African-Americans highly outnumber white people; a small percent of the white people are ignorant racist rednecks, that make the rest of them look like idiots
man texas is way better than florida or mississippi; california etc.
by blue March 20, 2005
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the place where W's daddy took him to after he was born in NEW HAVEN CONN. All of you Texican wannabes need to check yer freakin facts before you engage the keyboard, ya hear now?
Two kinds of folks, those born in the TEXAS, and those who wished to hail they had been.
by true texican June 14, 2004
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Texas can be divided into two sections, the cities and the rural areas.

In cities like Dallas and Houston, minorities far outnumber white people. The only people wearing cowboy hats are people from other states, and they generally don't go to the cities (for good reason). There is a Starbucks on every block, and during lunch hour, the line will extend out the door. Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio can be very ghetto, in fact. Dallas has the highest murder rate of any city over 1,000,000, and Houston isn't far behind. When on the subway in Dallas, confused tourists will be asking you for directions, while behind you a homeless man will be urinating on the platform, and the people next to you will be speaking spanish. It is indeed a very urban experience (as is everything in Dallas and Houston). People are NOT friendly in the city of Dallas, however, in Houston, people are much more hospitable. Dallasites tend to be very arrogant. 95% of the people in the cities do not have any detectable southern accent, and look down on the people who do.

Beyond the cities and their suburbs, however, lies a completely different Texas. "The Country" is where people in the cities go for recreation (such as camping or boating) and thats about it. People are far less educated than they are in the cities, and have heavy southern accents. Fireworks stands will be on every street, instead of Starbucks, and most people will have a gun. The people here are for the most part seeking a humble existance, and are very kind and hospitable people. People in the cities tend to view these people as uneducated hicks, rightly or wrongly.

That pretty much sums up Texas.

Oh Yeah, Austin is really Berkeley, California reincarnated in Texas.
Californian: You have to be kidding me, you're from Texas? I thought it was only steers and queers?

Texas: ...sigh... and you call us ignorant?
by Jeremy Poradek August 08, 2006
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where everything is bigger, including the egos.
"wow, look at how much the texas football team is overrated this year!"
by go nebraska February 11, 2004
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The greatest state that kepps getting better. And for you stupid dumbasses that write crap about Texas on this site you better not come to Texas because the people here will kick your pansy-ass
You don not fuck with Texas!
by Melanthex March 28, 2005
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The closest thing to heaven on earth!
A travelling salesman was in California and he saw a golden payphone. The sign below the phone said, "Direct Line to Heaven: $30,000." The salesman travelled all over the country and wherever he went, he saw the same type of phone with the same type of sign under it. "Direct Line to Heaven: $30,000." When he went to Texas, however, he saw the same type of phone and the sign under it said, "Direct Line to Heaven: 25 Cents." He commented on this to one of the locals. "Everywhere I go in this country, I see this type of phone and the sign under it says, 'Direct Line to Heaven: $30,000.' But when I see this same phone in Texas, it says, 'Direct Line to Heaven: 25 Cents.' Why do you suppose that is?" The man answered, "That's easy. From here, it's a local call."
by Hallie Corson November 14, 2005
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