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Many of these definitions of Kingsville don't do the town justice. Yes there are rich neighborhoods mainly in the outskirts of Kingsville, but the true beauty of Kingsville resides closer to the center of town where the majority of the laid back locals reside, myself included. Kingsville is home to the Jericho covered bridge and Jerusalem Mills. Of course those who do reside on the outskirts of town in their mini-mansions tend to destroy the image of Kingsville sadly, but for those of us who can call their selves local are proud to say that this is one of the last rural communities in Baltimore County.
person 1: What are you doing in Kingsville tonight?
person 2: Hanging out by the covered bridge
by local boy21087 May 26, 2009
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Lets face it the first 2 examples are ok but make Kingsville out to be a full blooded hick town.Not the case at all.While kingsville is known for country kids doing donuts and hopping curbs in our overly massive pick up trucks on the property of PerryHall High school,and just about any other person who throws a party and kicks everyone out before they wanted to leave,we have far more class then Bel-Air and Perry Hall who for some reason not even knowing what a hood looks like,are filled with Eminem clones running around in junky civics blaring Ganster Rap.Kingsville is not recognized nationally but you can ask any PerryHall kid about Kingsville,and they envy the town.But not just anyone can live in Kingsville.Most of the childrens parents own big companys and give us whatever we want which is the reason we throw the big partys and Bon Fires the PerryHall kids envy us for.Not to mention we never get caught by the Po-Po's.Just ask any PerryHall kid what there first inprection is of a K-Town kid is and they will say Rich Basterds.So in conclusion Kingsville is not all hillbillys on tractors wearing flannels throwing back Pabst Blue Ribbon.Thats what they want you to think.And most kids from Kingsville are fake hill billys.They drive a truck while there parents drive a beamer.But,we do school all in throwing back beers and smoking the ganja,cuz hey what the hell ealse is there to do out here.
Kid1-What ya wanna do tonight?
Kid2-I dunno theres never anything to do in this town.
Kid1-Tell me about it.We could go see whose up at Wendys in PH.
Kid2-Im not trying to get in a fight with some wanna be or get arrested for just standing out there like usuall.
Kid1-Well what you wanna do?
Kid2-Lets just throw a bon fire and get fucked up with the rest of the k-town kids.
by McGlicken May 03, 2005
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Kingsville is the place where it's split your either rich as hell and your parents pay for everything, or your a redneck but can some how manage to live here!! There's lots of beer drinkin and watching some football and when its not football season it NASCAR gotta love #8 baby!!! Just a layed back place with either rich snobey son of a bitches who think they're better then everyone else or your rednecks who hell are just happy to live here!!
i for example live where there is a bunch of rich snobey ppl who i hate cause they think we are white trash
by Ktown's Finest!! June 04, 2005
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kingsville. can also sometimes be referred to as perry hall north or bel air south. not quite a town more like an area in the middle of wooded farm country. home to the covered bridge, which is haunted by numerous ghost which you can read about on several different websites. most teens have nothing better to do but sit and get trashed or smoke it up on the bridge until ungodly hours of the night. the harford mall is close by but taken up mostly by trashy bel air kids who think they're all that carrying a swiss army knife. the st stephen's annual carnival gets us county wide recognition but only for 3 days. our neighboring "area" of fork has a few more roads for the teens with licenses to try and bottom out their car, such as bottom rd. mt vista is another good one for the curves. most kingsvillians drive random cars that cost about $500 with cheap sound systems to blare their country music. meanwhile their parents spend their weekend nights getting hammered at local taverns or a stop at the kingsville liquors on the way home from work might do the trick too. not really a province but to those few kingsville is a step above the rest... a place you can call home.
Teen 1: What do ya wanna do this weekend?
Teen 2: I dunno. Wanna go to the mall?
Teen 1: Nah. Harford Mall is full of weird mall rats.
Teen 2: All right then, let's just get smashed like normal.
Teen 1: Sounds like a plan!
by king of Kingsville May 01, 2005
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since kingsville is smack in the middle of Bel Air and Perry Hall, it is sometimes a forgotten town. When one thinks'kingsville' you may call to mind flannel shirt wearing, country music blaring, middle-aged, alcoholic truck drivin' men. You may confuse your whereabouts to be in dundalk when your driving down a backroad and see signs giving away "free-Stuff." Kids who grow up in kingsville quickly learn you don't "hang-out" around that town theres nothing to do besides getting hammered with your parents. The cool ones just "shimmy" over to p-hall or bel air, cuz they are obviously so much cooler. places to hang out in kingsville include: Church parking lots, the kingsville market, or kings-court motel. If your really looking to shake things up come on down to The Annual St. Stephens Carnival. but if its not that time of year, your best bet is to head over to bel air and try to fit your redneck blood in with the cooler kids who get like getting STONEDDDD and going to harford mall.(but we take all the credit in teaching them to throw down a few brewskis)
"whats going on tonight?"
"Havent you heard?? the St Stephens Carnival!!"
"you go to that shit?"
"yeah man, who doesn't like listening to shitty music and being stared down by 40 yr old men and over, plus my parents work it and will be wasted."
"sweet! Lets go roll a blutski with the Bel Airians, take a few shots and go dude"
"Yeah! maybe we can hit a few deer while were drinkin and dirvin!!!"
by TITS April 21, 2005
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a "cultural wasteland," as some would say, that divides the utterly ghetto folk Perry Hall, MD, from the insanely preppy and rich class of Bel Air, MD. Most "kingsvillians" consist of rich stupid stuck up snobs whose parents buy them BMWs and Mercedes's as their first car. The occasional appearance of the redneck throws off the Beverly Hills scene portrayed by the multi-million dollar houses just yards away from Bel Air Road. These "rednecks," however, are not true rednecks. They mostly attend Perry Hall High School, and have brand new Ford F-350 Trucks. Their parents make over $100,000/yr (each) and they have everything and more than Perry Hall kids (minus the occasional iPod or cell phone.) They are overly racist for the school they attend, and they wear/fly confederate flags behind their piece of shit truck. God Bless Kingsville!
by Do77@ I3!77 November 20, 2005
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