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Three elite warriors with skill and swagger.
Stan: Hey! Are you doing anything tonight?
Kyle: Oh, just hanging with the Wolfpack.
Stan: What's that?!
Kyle: Only the three coolest people in the world! It's going to be rad!
by Amo2012 December 25, 2011
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What is The Wolf Pack? "We Are A New Breed Of Kaniacs" We are a fun group of KANIACS bound together by our loyalty, respect, for Actor, and Singer Christian Kane and that also goes towards one another as well. Beware if you attack 1 of us, you will feel the wrath from the rest of us. We are there for each other to lend a hand, or a virtual hug!

The Wolf Pack always show their support, everyday while we're voting to win Christian, all of those "Hottie of the Week" titles & we maintain many of the Christian Kane fan websites. We create & share fan art, on a daily basis. We are the ones out there tweeting and retweeting promoting any & every project that Christian is doing big or small. Members of The Wolf Pack actually travel in packs to go see Christian perform, even in other countries that's how devoted to him they are. Once a year we get together and hold KaneCon monies raised goes towards Christians favorite charities!

It's been said that Christian has said that he has, the greatest fans in the world, I couldn't agree more w/him, The Wolf Packs Bond is strong and you can't break our stride, we pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and we are to the next campaign.

The Wolf Pack holds monthly meetings where we pick a theme we pick activities. Of course everything is related to Christian Kane!
when I had my surgery, My Kaniac Sister's of The Wolf Pack checked on me round the clock

When Christian played in England The Wolf Pack had their bags packed and followed him

The Wolf Pack Kanianc come out in full force when Christian needs votes to win one of his Hottie of the Week contests

The Kaniacs of The Wolf Pack are signing a petition to get Christian to play Dalton in the remake of Road House
by Chelle365 December 30, 2013
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A highly organized mob of individuals, who seek out the deer of the world. The rape the deer both physically, verbally and of course sexually. They act without remorse, or care.
Neuad was walking home from work last night, when he was suddenly assaulted by 5 members of the wolfpack, by the time they were done running double penetration on his ass, he could barely walk.

Link to graphic example;
by fukendrinkin January 10, 2009
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A group of three or more guys within a company that eat lunch together (mainly pizza and sandwiches) every day; sit in the same office; listen to the same pandora stations; enter orders faster than anyone else; and are all around super awesome.
Go to the wolfpack's office if you want to get anything done!
by RocNation April 11, 2014
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A gang that was formed in 2007 in Raynham, Ma to make fun of our friend Paul who thinks hes a crip. There theme song is howlin with the pack by hammerfall. Also there are only 2 ways into the wolfpack: 1. Fight in. 2. Fucked in. There flag color is grey.
The wolf pack hates crips especially Paul.
by Jake, Alex, Joe, Matt. January 02, 2008
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