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SpiceJet... like wtf u get the crappy seats which are so fucking hard people have died sitting on them. Also the 400 day delays which is the best experience in the world especially without compensation and free food and drinks. The rude cabin crew not greeting u when u fucking board. Plus u get the crappiest airline food in the world.
SpiceJet haye haye
by Fuckindianairlines April 30, 2020
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sizzleburger has employees who don’t give a fuck about their job, they’re rude to everyone, and higher ranks don’t give a shit about the workers and customers, point cheat and you get away hahahahahaha, they serve fried rat on a stick as well as semen for your drink, please come to sizzleburger because we’re totally the best!
by Fuckindianairlines May 28, 2020
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A rich ass Chinese person who likes to flex how many luxury flights he’s been on. Probably has the coronavirus too.
Friend: Any person who likes aviation and planes
Me: Sam chui
by Fuckindianairlines May 29, 2020
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whoevers reviewing this, please reject my definition, please i beg
please reject my definition
by Fuckindianairlines June 10, 2020
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Jet airways committed suicide in April 2019 after when they ran into huge debts. They used cost-cutting methods like making the seat look like a child has shat on it and eaten the leather, make sure the planes are to the lowest of quality because I mean like idc about safety, they used the 737 max which caused them to die even further and they sprayed air freshener and it smelled like Indian aunties letting their kids run around the cabin and scream the entire 8 hour flight. The cabin crew really didn’t give a shit on how the passengers were behaving, so do what you want. But jet airways died in April 2019 so unfortunately I can’t do anything unless if they activate Jesus mode and come back to life
Rip jet airways u will always be missed jk
by Fuckindianairlines April 17, 2020
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A stupid dirty ass airline which every flight is delayed like 500 hours and they give u nothing to compensate. Also the food is dry as the fucking Sahara desert I mean like Ryanair’s gross lasagna tastes way better than this shit. Their planes are overcrowded with Indian aunties which hog all of the seats so no one can seat not to mention the cabin crew who don’t give a shit about anyone. They are rude and condescending because their planes are crowded with crying babies and 500 person families.
Air India is totally the best airline in the world.
by Fuckindianairlines March 10, 2020
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