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The GWOT will be fought on many fronts. Even though fighting terror is about as feasible as fighting anything that's bad.
by Stephen Ferrell November 06, 2005
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Gay with out the sex.

The league of men who enjoy each others company in a manner similar to that of a romantic partnership, but who do not engage in physical intimacy.
Man 1) Dude, want to come over and watch A Walk in the Clouds with me?

Man 2) Definitely.

Man 1) Then afterwords we can screw?

Man 2) No, I don't think so.

Man 1) We're so G.W.O.T.S.

Man 2) I love you.
by Dr. Octavious Boneshank August 06, 2009
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Giant Wall of Text. A large block of often times misspelt, unpunctuated words that are very hard to read and even harder to understand.
That GWOT was so hard to read, I didn't even bother. Often shortened to GWOT > me.
by Splutt September 17, 2007
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