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According to George Bush, a bad group of folks.
"The terrorists are...uh...a bad group of folks"
by Fetus Bomber November 02, 2004
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Someone of German descent; A common language spoken throughout Europe. Germans are NOT Nazis, or always Angry and Aggressive. In fact, French people tend to be more aggressive then Germans. Stop calling Germans angry or Nazis, because they aren't always angry and they NEVER WILL BE NAZIS AGAIN! They were FORCED to be Nazis because of Hitler's strong stranglehold on Germany.

Person 2: Shut the hell up, FOOL! Germans were FORCED to be Nazis, and will NEVER be Nazis again! They also aren't naturally angry, THAT'S THE FRENCH!
by Fetus Bomber October 27, 2005
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A song made by Led Zeppelin that is and always will be the greatest song.
I can't stop listening to Stairway To Heaven because it is so good!
by Fetus Bomber November 04, 2004
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Incredible baseball star, Ryan Howard plays First Base for the Philadelphia Phillies. Won the ROY award and only played half the season, and if he gets more hits, he is a potential Triple Crown winner. He leads the league in home runs and RBIs (as of the 2006 season). Ryan Howard is arguably the future of the Phillies, and the Phillies should do whatever they can to keep him.
Ryan Howard smacks 450 foot home runs with a flick of his bat.
by Fetus Bomber September 22, 2006
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Big, kick-ass red sox player. Real name is David Ortiz.
Big Papi made them Yankees look like dumb assholes.
by Fetus Bomber November 04, 2004
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George Bush's way of saying the word nuclear.
Oh no, not another nu-cu-lar missle attack!
by Fetus Bomber November 04, 2004
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1. Another word for semen.
2. Jelly with salt in it.
I got my salty jelly all over this bitch's face!

Oh no, now that the jelly is salty jelly, it wont taste as good.
by Fetus Bomber November 04, 2004
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