9 definitions by Mr. Obvious

One of the best fucking games in the whole world. It kicks X-box right in the balls, and it's on a 64 bit system!
by Mr. Obvious February 15, 2004
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A kickass shaman and druid in the Game Boy game "Fire Emblem". He uses dark magic to destroy the enemy.
Canas is the coolest character from Fire Emblem.
by Mr. Obvious April 04, 2004
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ONe of the most boring places on the planet. (coming from a resident) Every summer, tourists come down and make the residents' lives hell. It also has a dumbass secondary school.
Daddy, do we have to live at cape hatteras?
by Mr. Obvious February 14, 2004
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A disease that you do not want to get. Trust me, it fucking sucks. You have to take shots all the time and you have to have diet drinks.
I hate having this goddamn shit known as diabetes.
by Mr. Obvious February 15, 2004
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The biggest fuckers in all of history. and they're pussies too
terrorists are pussies
by Mr. Obvious February 15, 2004
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