Tenya is simply the best thing in the whole wide world. It can not be beaten by anyone even if they tired. And tenya is never going to end
Alice: “hey did you see how good tenya earlier there so perfect”
Richard: “ yeah I did I just wish I could be like tenya”
by Soalice September 28, 2020
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Thanya is a very blur and strange girl. She doesn't like partying but once you get to know her, she becomes a party animal!1!1!1!1 She loves crabs and stares at it constantly which is pretty weird. The only reason she doesn't like parties is cuz shes too lazy and she'd rather snuggle at home watching a movie and eat snacks. She has so many pet peeves and they are very specific like how when a mechanical pencil runs out of led and the metal part at the tip scratches against the paper and it makes a sound. She has a sister who is cooler than her in every aspect and she lives under her shadow ahahha. To be honest, she is genuinely a sweet and kind person. sometimes she too nice to do something she NEEDS TO DO. she's not confident of herself eventhough shes really pretty and she shouldn't be conscious of her acne cuz NO ONE NOTICES IT and her kindness and supportiveness is way much more significant than it. So many guys hit on her and she find it weird when she shouldn't cuz shes so AMAZING. She loves white rabbit candy and would love to hang with her bestie eating white rabbits under a table in the dark. Overall shes really strange but she has an amazing heart
Baymax: wait hol up is she making out with a giraffe-crab hybrid??
Boah: yeah she's such a tenya
by Beavenn November 6, 2018
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A god amongst men, his smile makes the strongest of us uwu. He is not only a cute, talented boy, he is also bad ass and respects his elders! Tenya Iida is the most underrated character in history, his thicc legs and handsome face deserve better.
Person 1: Wow Todoroki is such a good boy!!
Person 2: Ah yes, but he's no Tenya Iida, now that's a GREAT boy!!
by Freaking_Trash October 2, 2018
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a man with the most glorious calves. tenya iida is underrated best boy who’s smile makes me uwu. he is an attempted murderer who looks hot as heckity heck with and without his glasses, also he’s got the largest set of abs and i honestly have no idea why the fuck he’s more ripped then dwayne johnson.
person 1: dang, todoroki is hot and husband material
person 2: i mean, maybe, but have you seen class rep, 5’10, legs for days Tenya Iida?
by uwusaidshrekuwu October 6, 2019
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Only the best anime character of all time. He is adorable and always right🤓
Regular person: Who did u draw?
Me: Omygosh you don't know who Tenya Iida is? He is so cute!!!
by mewahahaha November 20, 2019
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Very wholesome boi. Works hard even when his class doesn't need him to
BNHA fan friend: Define Iida
Me: Tenya Iida: Very wholesome boi. Works hard even when his class doesn't need him to
by WeebDefines October 31, 2020
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The best boy in My Hero Academia (Also known as Boku No Hero Academia). He is super kind, respectful, responsible, and, before you go off about how much you love him, he’s already married.
“Wow.. Bakugo is so cool!”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, but have you heard of Tenya Iida?”
by tenyami March 28, 2021
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