Short, but strong girl. She has that power and isn't afraid to fight, but is actually really sweet and adorable gf.
Also Iida is hella cool and knows how to dress up like it.
Guy: Wait who is that girl over there?
Girl: Oh it's just Iida, look at that style!
Guy: Damn, Iida looks so cool.
by multifandom_biatch June 18, 2017
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Iida is the class president of Class 1A in My Hero Academia
I am Tenya Iida from the Soviet Academy .
by Young Midoriya October 9, 2020
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Iida: I have nice style.
Everyone: Yeah! a song by Usher.
by HellYeahAss37$69 October 22, 2018
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1. A Finnish female name.
2. A weird, awesome, generally a pleasant geeky cutie aswell.
Iida: I wonder what I will do today...
Me: Hmm, make an apple pie?
Iida: Good idea!
by WhoWillEverKnow February 23, 2017
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Iida is an annoying bossy bitch who will roast everyone. If you get to know an Iida she'll be pretty chill.
Man i shouldn't have been rude to that girl she totally iida'd me"
by qiviri April 10, 2017
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A god amongst men, his smile makes the strongest of us uwu. He is not only a cute, talented boy, he is also bad ass and respects his elders! Tenya Iida is the most underrated character in history, his thicc legs and handsome face deserve better.
Person 1: Wow Todoroki is such a good boy!!
Person 2: Ah yes, but he's no Tenya Iida, now that's a GREAT boy!!
by Freaking_Trash October 2, 2018
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a man with the most glorious calves. tenya iida is underrated best boy who’s smile makes me uwu. he is an attempted murderer who looks hot as heckity heck with and without his glasses, also he’s got the largest set of abs and i honestly have no idea why the fuck he’s more ripped then dwayne johnson.
person 1: dang, todoroki is hot and husband material
person 2: i mean, maybe, but have you seen class rep, 5’10, legs for days Tenya Iida?
by uwusaidshrekuwu October 6, 2019
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