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A sex act involving 3 guys, 1 woman and a ladder.
"You two did the Tennessee Log Jammer? But where are the other two guys? And did you at least put my ladder back?"
by khinsaia February 16, 2010
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1. A complicated sexual maneuver requiring 3 men and one women. With a ladder two men climb up the ladder and the women arches her body beneath the ladder. Resembling a common log jammer, then the men take consecutive dumps on her back and with the the natural "channel". Conformed of her spine the "logs" will go down. Finally the third man waits at the end with his mouth open to receive the logs.

2. When you take a large enough dump that clogs up the bathroom.

3. A standard facility in Tennessee's lumberjack industry.
log jammer Tennessee log jammer

Tennessee log jammer

Guy 1#: Hey did you get the ladder?
Guy 2#: Yeah, steel, so it can hold us both!
Guy 1#: I cant wait for the Tennessee Log Jammer tonight
Guy 2#: Its gonna be sweet
Guy 3: Do I get to eat the sh!#t this time?
Guy 1 and guy 2: Its you turn, that ours sliding dumps from the girls back enter your mouth.
by Don McMillan and Co, February 15, 2010
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A person who jams large logs of shit into his/her asshole for pure unadulterated pleasure while in Tennessee.
I became a true tennessee log jammer when I picked up a turd from a Wal-Mart toilet and shoved it deep into my asshole while visiting my grandmother in Knoxville. It felt SUPER AMAZING!!! I now perform this act at least 10 times a day whenever I'm in Tennessee.
by El Poopstersaurus October 26, 2017
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The act of forcing a large object ( wood handle, bowling pin, small novalty bat ect,,,) into the anus of a willing and toothless girl from Tennessee or Gloucester City NJ while severly impacting the colon.
I met a girl at a bar called the Pirates den and bought her a few drinks, we later went to a motel and she demanded I give her a Tennessee log jammer until she split in two!
by Transamguy June 13, 2012
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The use of a butt plug on long road trips so as to eliminate the need for bathroom breaks or the use of depends.
Dude, I was running so late this morning, I didn't even have time to make deuce, so I did a Tennessee Log Jammer so I wasn't late for class.
by SicFucher February 14, 2010
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