The Tenderloin (aka The 'Loin or T.L) is a relatively small neighborhood located in downtown San Francisco, CA. Its borders are roughly the triangle made by Geary Blvd, Market St and Van Ness Ave. Some consider the Civic Center and Union Square to be a part of the Tenderloin.

Although the origin of its name is up for debate, no one denies this neighborhood is one of the most dangerous in the City, mainly known for problems like excessive drugs, prostitution, and a high number of homeless people. It's also one of the most dirty and grimy areas of San Francisco. It's highly recommended that visitors to this area exercise their street smarts and stay aware of their surroundings. If you look like a victim in the 'Loin, you'll probably be one. It's no wonder why there's a special police unit just for the Tenderloin.

The Tenderloin has some good things going for it too, however. It's home to some of the best ethnic restaurants in San Francisco, theaters, and hotels. It's also one of the most affordable areas of San Francisco.
Girl: The Tenderloin scares me!
Boy: Just be smart. Don't hang around at night and be aware.
by xKIEVx November 24, 2009
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aka, the TL. ass smellin area in downtown san francisco where all the creeps, skizzers, hoes, crack heads, transients and just plain fucked up people congregate, starting at geary , it gets seedier the closer you go south towards market and van ness
yo bitch i aint walkin through the TL, dam trannys and crack heads all wanna piece of ya.
by tre September 14, 2004
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That wondrous effects of getting hit by Pot.
Dude, after about 30 minutes of grilling on Saturday, Jack and I were completely Tenderloined!
by The Pipe of Destiny January 31, 2009
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Loins that are tender, also a comedy troupe that are famous for starring in Impractical Jokers.
Guy1: Hey! Have you seen the tenderloins?
Guy2: ouch that looks nasty!
Guy1: I was talking about Impractical Jokers ¬.¬`
by jamezp1 February 27, 2012
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An elaborate act of sexual intimacy involving the woman traveling to the grocery store and purchasing the largest filet mignon. The filet is then brought home, sautéed in wine: cooked rare so the center is warm but not hot. A pocket is then cut into the filet; large enough to accommodate the male partner's penis. The woman then uses the filet to masturbate their male partner until he ejaculates inside of it.

The woman then enjoys the filet for dinner with a glass of merlot.
A woman of class deserves a nice dinner, so I treated her to a nice creamy tenderloin.
by MisterThief117 May 4, 2014
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a huge, hanging down to almost the knees- penis schlong shlong sausage Johnson wiener penis dick cock pecker wang tube steak knob boner erection woody hard on
When Heather Hooters walked into the room naked, Dano whipped out his "swinging tenderloin" and heaved it into her slippery wet meat wallet and proceeded to satisfy her!
by stonesdano November 2, 2006
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