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Whilst anally penetrating your partner, pull out and jam the index and middle finger of both hands into their ass. Wipe the poo stained fingers across their cheeks giving them war paint. Then let out a stereotypical American Indian war cry.
I gave a girl a dirty comanche. My war cry was so loud, my roomates thought that the Apache nation was descending on our house.
by Jay Yei January 09, 2006

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Fill a toilet up with toilet paper until the paper no longer gets wet. Take a hefty shit on top off this mound of paper. The effect is that the creation cannot be simply flushed away, and must be taken out mannualy.
Ex. 1 - "This party is lame. Lets Temple of Doom these fucks, and steel the keg."

Ex. 2 - "Never invite those crazy bastards over again. They Temple of Doomed the bathrooms, and stole the keg on their way out."
by Jay Yei January 10, 2006

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When going down on a girl have a friend hide in a closet. At the appropriate moment your friend will come out from his hiding place, take a flying leep, and land directly on the girl's stomach. The result is her ovaries contract shooting all her eggs into your mouth.
Ex. 1 - "What a heinous bitch. Someone should give her The Munger to insure that she never breeds."

Ex. 2 - "No thanks, not even the slightest bit peckish, had a Munger before I came over."

Ex. 3 - "I have performed more Mungers then I can count. They call me Mung the Merciless around here."
by Jay Yei January 10, 2006

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