A term used by soccer players to describe a physicaly strong and or physicaly rough player.
We are playing a team from Canada today we could use a big left tit in the back.
That guy has been pushing you around all night. Put your left tit on him.
by Chad Neumann April 30, 2008
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"You're a left tit Davey!"
'Love you too Senan."

"That's left-titted!"

"Left Tit in the Attic."
by Shelldon January 17, 2010
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Referring to the left breast of a female; the left breast is often interpreted to be inferior the right breast. Comparisons are often derogatory. It can be also used as an alternative to "I don't give a crap" or "I don't give a shit".
I don't give a left tit that your show is on, I'm watching the game!

Your little brother is way more annoying than mine. What a left tit!
by Kilopineapple April 25, 2011
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meaning cool or 'swag' gen z often say it as a way of expressing happiness or humor.
by quackityslefttit June 2, 2021
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Used to describe something that is insanely cold.

Back in the day, witches were believed to be evil, i.e. "cold of heart." A witches left tit (or teat) is close to the heart, therefore a witches left tit is very cold.

Also used to describe an unusually mean or nasty person.
"Stop being cheap and turn up the thermostat, it's colder than a witches left tit in here."

Canadian toilet seats in the wintertime.

"Who doesn't love a basket of puppies dressed up like the cast of Harry Potter?! That person is as cold as a witches left tit."
by allaspiaggia January 16, 2013
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For females, a slightly more polite way to say "Fuck off you prick," especially annoying pricks of the opposite sex. It's important to emphasise the LEFT tit meaning that person is not adequate enough for the RIGHT tit.
When asked by your male boss a ridiculous request, the response is: "You can tell him to bite my left tit"
by Andie4444444 January 24, 2008
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U squeeze the left tit to get hot pussy juice and the right tit for cold pussy juice...
I like my pussy warm so I squeeze both tits at the same time...
Left tit - Right tit..
by blthrskt April 30, 2009
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