10 definitions by Mr Evil Betty

When splooge (semen) is cought on someones tounge as if they were snow flakes.
In my childhood, I can remeber cold winters. We were all outside trying to catch splooge flurries on our tounges.
by Mr Evil Betty March 27, 2004
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A VERY oily pimple inside the penis canal and sometimes the greese can leak out of the penis at random times. This may accur in some women if they leave a tampon in their vagina for more than 48 hours at a time.
If a man has a Greese Cake, it will block his urine canal and he cannot have sex. If sperm is cought in path this way, the man's penis may reject the passage used and will come out the nipples instead.
My doctor told me the only way to pop my greese cake is to jam a needle or something small like a paperclip inside and try to pop it.
by Mr Evil Betty March 24, 2004
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A tampon of intense size. Only one exists in the world. Used to plug up Rosey O'Donnel's blood spewing vagina. There is not enough cotton in the current world to make one. Instead, a normal sized tampon use enlarged by radiation.
More people died of the seeping radiaton then that of the Hiroshima Bomb.
by Mr Evil Betty April 18, 2004
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A rather disterbing monster that lives in the depths of a womans vagina. Very few have seen this marvel, though fewer have lived to tell about it.
During sex, the male must becareful that his penis doesn't get eaten by the Pit Goblin.
by Mr Evil Betty March 28, 2004
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A card you can swipe through a womans ass to get a free blow job. First created around the mid 1950's, when a woman is born, a chip is put into their anus to program this system. Was created to make "blow jobs" much cheaper.
I am so glad these Barbie Credit Cards do not have a max number of usage.
by Mr Evil Betty March 28, 2004
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A tampon left inside the vagina for long enough to build up gasses and be launched out by pressure. Often perpously to attack elderly
It is a false fact that women were not used on the battle frield in WWI/WWII. They served at cunt missle launchers.
by Mr Evil Betty April 18, 2004
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Eight doctors that sergically attempetd to remove an infected hemiroid from Oprah Winfry's vagina. They had failed to remove it. All eight had lost their lived fighting to vanguish this horrowing blob. The hemirioid is still there even to this day. Often, people mistake it for her face on TV, but it's the hemiroid.
These brave, fearless men had the courage to go into her vagina, when most men rather not touch it with a 9' pole.
These brave men are now known tosay as "the Knights of the Round Hemiroid"
Every July 18th, we celebrate this day as "Oprah is Responsible for the Deaths of Eight More People Day"
by Mr Evil Betty April 18, 2004
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