BYT, a young team from bonnyrigg that are known to run away from fights
"BYT are really embarrassing"
"Aw naw BYT ran away again"
by Wee Wings December 2, 2018
BYT, or Bring Your own Trustfund, is a group of over privileged DC hipsters who try to make DC like Brooklyn because their parents will cut off their credit cards and trust funds if they actually move to Brooklyn.
hey let's go to the BYT party cause we have lots of money and no taste.
by beardedassgrabber March 30, 2010
"Bright Young Things", from the alternate title of Evelyn Waugh's 1930 novel Vile Bodies about affluent London glitterati/party-goers (a la Hiltons/Lohans but slightly less illiterate)

Now, via analogy to MJ hit "PYT" the abbreviation has been applied in a wider sense beyond celebutantes, to wit, the little valedictorian darlings from Stanvard or Yalumbia who see it as their birthright to be rulers & managers of the universe but lack information about other walks of life, have never lifted anything heavier than a bookbag or lacrosse stick, and are otherwise prestigious before their time. Often found at TED conferences, Park City trade conventions, in Barcelona/Prague/Copenhagen for years abroad, in the U.S. DOJ, or at their apartments watching Rachel Maddow, 30 Rock, True Blood, Deadwood, Big Love, Entourage (basically anything from the HBO Time Warner production office is catnip to them)
My ethnic group of five generations' standing had to finally leave our mid-Atlantic city en masse after the BYT wave drove up all the prices 7,000%
by E. Digby Baltzell April 1, 2012
internet slang
"before your time"
"don't act like you know what you're talking about, that was so BYT"
by rowdymang February 26, 2005
The better known abbreviation for the Washington, DC based hipster organization and party promoters Brightest Young Things.
Have you checked out the pictures that BYT took at the Animal Collective show?
by dcrunner December 30, 2010
Big Yellow Taxi aka song by the same name, and yellow cab description.
by Snaglpuss January 22, 2010