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To be owned, schooled, rocked, run over, trucked, juked out of your shoes, or otherwise embarrassed by former Florida Gator now NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. Common misspelling is Tebeauxned, as it is spelled in the state of Louisiana.
7 touchdowns in one game? Looks like you just got Tebowned
by JohnnyBJ April 09, 2010
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Announcer: "Tim Tebow drops back, rolls to the right, starts to run with it, jukes left, makes two defenders miss, hurdles another, stiff-arms, roundhouse kicks and somersaults his way for a touchdown!"

Florida Fan: "Y'all just got tebowned!"
by Matt January 06, 2007
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to lose Heisman contention and an appearance in the BCS national championship in the same game.
"Dude, Alabama just tebowned Tim Tebow."
by mordacil December 07, 2009
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